Web Analytics

Running an SEO campaign would not be worthwhile if there was no way to check the results; this is where web analytics comes in to play.

At SEO Local, we recognise the need for an affordable yet professional solution for your business which is why we use Google Analytics to measure your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Google Analytics is a free tool which we install in our client’s website, thus giving him/her and us the chance to check daily the results of the SEO campaign.

Google Analytics is the ‘enterprise-class web analytics solution’ that provides an insight into your website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing.

Experience & Expertise

Knowing how to use Google Analytics is one thing, but knowing how to interpret the results is another. Thankfully for you the team at SEO Local are experts in web analytics and the use of Google Analytics; resulting in every ounce of data we receive being used to increase traffic and conversions for your site.

Google Analytics

This powerful analytics tool has the following features:

  • Let’s you measure your ROI – measure the success of your online and offline advertising efforts.
  • Track sales and conversions with goals – measure site engagement against particular levels of interaction that you decide.
  • Track web-enabled phone visits
  • Allows you to integrate with AdWords and AdSense
  • eCommerce reporting – learn about loyalty and track keywords that best convert to identify the best revenue sources.
  • See who’s visiting your site, where from, why and for how long!
  • Mobile Tracking – enables you to track visits from mobile websites, mobile applications and web-enabled mobile phones.
  • Flash, Video & Social Media – track the usage of your Flash, Video and social networking applications.

To learn more about Google Analytics and how we can implement it into your SEO campaign to increase your conversion rate, get in touch with our team of SEO experts by clicking here.