Social media marketing can help businesses keep vital contact with their audiences

What is social media marketing? It can be basically described as promotion through use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There is huge marketing potential to be mined from websites like these, but businesses should tread carefully before launching into a serious social media marketing campaign. They can more effectively approach this kind of campaign when they enlist help from SEO Local.

There are good financial incentives to turn to social media marketing

Online promotion can often be financially expensive, but promotion through social media can prove the most cost-effective type of online marketing… provided, we emphasise, it is used expertly. This huge potential is largely due to the major social media websites being free to register and post to.

The low financial risk of social media marketing makes it ideal for small, inexperienced businesses in particular to turn to. However, businesses both large and small can use social media to effectively keep in touch with their audiences.

You can help avoid “the one that got away”

In fact, the ease with which businesses can use social media to continue regularly contacting their past and current customers might be one of the biggest benefits of this type of online promotion.

Once someone who has benefitted from a business has chosen to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ that company on a social media website, they can continue to receive regular updates from that company long afterwards. This provides a golden opportunity for that business to post genuinely intriguing and informative content to its social media page and so encourage the customer to keep the company in mind for when they might want to turn to them again.

Basically, customers can be much easier to keep than gain. If a company impresses a customer through social media, this can encourage valuable repeat business.