Local SEO

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If your company is a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), you may not have considered the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your company.

The way in which people search in the current day and age is local; individuals and business owners want to work with a company that’s local, and if your website can be found online for keyword phrases that include place names from a particular region you’re looking to target then the traffic to your site will increase.

If you’re a plumber in London then getting traffic from Italy or Spain isn’t going to be relevant for your business.

This is where local SEO makes the difference. Local search engine optimisation is the ideal solution for companies that work within a specific geographical area, or simply for companies who want to target as many local areas as possible. Due to the fact you’ll be found on the major search engines for keywords relating to a local area (whether it’s your local area or not) you’ll receive a higher level of traffic from people searching for local services. In turn, this will increase the number of conversions as local consumers are more likely to purchase from local companies than national ones.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

A strong search engine ranking as a result of strong local optimisation from SEO Local effectively gives you free exposure for your particular keywords, allowing you to not only attract more visitors but also to convert more of those visitors into sales.

Our local SEO service is an opportunity to improve your online presence and be found by potentially millions of searchers each day for keywords relating to your business. A smaller amount of targeted traffic is worth much more than a large amount of traffic that may or may not be interested in your particular product or service.

Don’t  fall in to the trap of believing SEO is for large businesses and corporations who can spend thousands of pounds a month on their marketing strategies; our local SEO services are tailored for every size of business – get in touch with a member of the team by calling 0800 999 2929 or by sending us an email.