Mobile Websites

At SEO Local, we understand the need for websites that are accessible for Mobile phone users. Having a website that is difficult to view or read on a phone in the current day and age is only going to limit your potential audience.

We create mCommerce sites that are specifically designed for Mobile phone users, enabling a greater customer satisfaction and potential sales. Converting your website into a Mobile format which is user friendly is another option, and this can be done through .mobi sites.

.Mobi Websites

Through creating a dedicated new .mobi website you’re able to keep your existing site but also have another site specifically targeted at the Mobile phone market.

Why Target Mobile?

  • Around five billion mobile devices worldwide
  • Mobile growth is 4 times quicker than the Internet
  • Over 5,000 Mobile devices can access the web

People are already using their phones to try and access your website: does it load correctly? Can they read every page without having to modify it on their phone? What does it look like on some of the newer phones?

In short, if you do not take advantage of our services to ensure that your own website is attractive and informative and can be clearly and correctly viewed by a wide range of mobile web users, then you risk losing business to rivals that have already taken advantage of mobile websites.

We can design mobile websites here at SEO Local that are affordable and that meet your specific needs. Our team has expertise in mobile websites, and can design a single information page with all of the necessary information for a mobile campaign. Alternatively, our professionals can also provide mobile websites with greater functionality and that have the ability to provide more detailed information, right up to bespoke fully-functional mobile websites.

SEO Local designs dedicated mobile websites that are fast loading and easy to navigate for mobile web users, allowing you to win business from the increasing numbers of people who only access the internet from their phone.

Why a Mobile Website

  • Fast to load – incredibly important if you want to keep a user on your website
  • User Friendly – information should be easy to find and view
  • Only one site – you should only need one website for all 5,000 Mobile devices.

For more information on Mobile Websites send us an email or call us on: 0800 999 2929.