Five steps for writing a successful blog post

There are many ways in which you can up your website’s prominence on search engine results pages, or SERPs. One of these is carefully crafting a blog post that can interest and educate visitors to your website and encourage them to take up what your company offers.

Still, there are several crucial steps for you to heed when you set out to write a blog post that is effective in this manner. Below are what we consider the five most vital.

Carefully choose what subject to write about

A blog post should not be too ambitious, but focus on a particular subject before linking it to something your company offers. If, for example, your business sells DVDs, a blog post could focus on current tours of popular stand-up comedians before drawing attention to DVDs of those tours that can be preordered from your business.

Research suitable keywords

Your blog post could include both generic keywords, like those referring to your company as a whole, and more obscure keywords that refer to specific products or services.

Stick strictly to ‘white hat’ SEO techniques

There are several search engine optimisation methods that you can use when writing, but remember to stick to ‘white hat’ methods – in other words, methods that can increase your website’s search engine rankings without risking big penalties from Google.

Include links to useful and interesting content

This will add value to your blog post, in the view of both visitors and Google, and so further contribute to a rise in your website’s visibility in SERPs. Include links to both other websites and other pages of your company’s website.

Seek valuable assistance from SEO Local

Writing a successful blog post isn’t easy, but knowledgeable staff of SEO Local can help you along the way or even write entire blog posts on your behalf.