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Your company website is your home online, so it should go without saying that you’ll accept only the highest standard of web design in London.

That’s precisely what we specialise in here at SEO Local. Our seasoned and capable web designers know how to put together an online masterpiece that will answer all of your practical needs, at the right price.

So many things make SEO Local stand out as a web design company in the capital. There’s the sheer breadth of our expertise, for example, encompassing everything from responsive and open-source web design to platforms like Magento and WordPress, as well as the finest in bespoke CMS (content management system) development.

But above all else, when you make us your choice of web design company, we’ll give you a beautifully designed, crisp and clean website that will make a real difference to your organisation.

Our complete range of web design knowhow

SEO Local is the web design company to turn to when you want to be sure of every possibility for your website being explored. You might be seeking a team that can ensure the strongest user experience for your site – after all, when it’s easy for prospective customers to access what they need to access on your site, it’s so much more likely that they will do business with you.

But this only goes hand in hand with ensuring the search engine friendliness of your site, our reputation in search engine optimisation (SEO) meaning that you will have few worries on that score. This is without even reckoning with our impressive expertise in mobile website design – indeed, there couldn’t be a better time to request a mobile-friendly website, Google having recently confirmed that it will become a more important factor in its rankings.

At least as important as such priorities in website design, however, are the approaches that we take to cater for them.

The process that makes us an industry leader

We take a friendly and unique approach to web design in London, as honed through work with clients of many different sectors, requirements and budgets. From an early stage, our web designers use wireframing – which is akin to an architectural blueprint – to envisage your website structure.

Once the site layout and other pre-planned aspects of its interface are approved by you, we will be able to commence with building the site in earnest. We use an agile development process, whereby your web design is broken down into individual requirements, which are delivered within an iterative release cycle.

This approach enables you as our client, and we as your web design company, to work together to make any necessary adjustments as the project evolves, with the projected completion date and budget being constantly known. It also helps to ensure that you get the utmost value from your website design, even if you realise that changes need to be made later on.

We’ll guide you through every aspect of web design in London

Getting in touch with a web design company like SEO Local will leave you with a lot of decisions to make on the nature of your website, with our experts being perfectly placed to advise. One of the key such choices to be made will be between open source and bespoke CMS development.

The latter presents many potential advantages to the client of services in web design in London, including cost – the open source platforms themselves being free – and the flexibility and freedom to construct a design in line with one’s most specific requirements.

However, many organisations make SEO Local their choice of web design company on account of our ability to design winning sites using all manner of platforms. These include WordPress, which has won plaudits for its ease of use, search engine friendliness and the level of control that it gives to the website owner.

Those in need of the complete ecommerce platform, meanwhile, will be pleased to know of our strong track record with Magento, with its benefits ranging from an intuitive and visual-based page editor and mobile-friendly configuration to the ability to support as many as 500,000 products on one site.

As would be the case with any good provider of web design in London, we also offer the highest standard of bespoke CMS web design, whereby the complete content management system can be built to your exact functional specifications.

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