Conversion Optimisation

Did you know?

You’ve got 8 seconds to retain a visitor to your website.

A visitor to your website spends an average of 8 seconds before making a decision on whether to stay on your website or not. What does this mean? Your landing page needs to be right.

Conversion optimisation is an essential service for any business or organisation that wants to achieve the highest level of efficiency, productivity and effectiveness from its website and search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Successful SEO which sees your website ranked strongly in Google and receiving a large number of visitors ultimately means little if you cannot convert such visitors into actual customers.

Strong Conversion Optimisation

Here at SEO Local, we believe that it is vital to have strong conversion optimisation if your website is to outperform the competition. There are several stages to our conversion optimisation services. We have a team of web analytics experts that can help to explain what users are doing on your website, while we also have website usability experts that can help to explain why visitors to your website are behaving in a certain way. We then perform conversion optimisation in these areas so that more of your visitors can be turned into sales.

Landing Page Testing

SEO Local uses an innovative solution to find the best landing page combination for your website. This may include different headlines, buttons, text or images – whatever it takes to find the best combination we will do so.

We use the information gathered from our website usability testing and accurate web analytics to create a specifically tailored conversion optimisation plan for your website. Our conversion optimisation processes consist of such aspects as web analytics, behavioural email and website usability. We combine technology, online marketing best practice and a high level of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) knowledge in our process of conversion optimisation so that a bespoke conversion optimisation strategy can be built for your website.

It’s not all about the traffic!

Our experts at SEO Local provide a tailor made conversion optimisation strategy to meet your website’s individual needs. We have experts in digital marketing who can work alongside you to understand your online objectives, as well as help you to be critical about the reasons for your current conversion rate. This way, you can receive the best possible conversion optimisation solution for your website; remember, it’s not all about the traffic you receive it’s the conversions you achieve!

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