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At SEO Local we believe in building eCommerce websites that are easy to use, flexible, provide bespoke solutions and designs that convert, with our Magento solutions you can do exactly that!

We have been developing Magento websites for years, taking small businesses from conception to growth with cost effective solutions. Having your eCommerce website built is one thing, having a design that converts with features that allow you to focus on your business is what drives our specialist UK Magento web developers.

Magento has taken eCommerce websites to another level, establishing itself as a market leader in open source solutions for many businesses all over the world. Some features our developers really enjoy are…

Easy Integration with many 3rd party companies such as PayPal, Google, MySQL, Sales Force, Shipping modules to name a few…

Search Engine Friendly capabilities that are SEO friendly with regards to header tags, page structure, meta data, sitemaps and alt tags

In-Depth tools& features that allow great customisation and bespoke developers like us to take your website to advanced levels without the cost of massive developments

Multi-Shop Capabilities that allow you to have more then one online store which give you complete control from one CMS system.

Customised Web Design & Builds are a key feature when trying to stand out from the crowd; a combination of our UK Magento Developers and your vision can be powerful yet cost effective team!

Why not speak to one of our London based Magento specialists for your needs by calling 0800 999 2929 or send us an email today!