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Pay Per Click

There are many business owners who don’t understand what PPC (Pay Per Click) is, nor do they realise the potential for increasing their online presence and traffic. In fact, even those who have a basic understand of SEO struggle to understand the concept of PPC advertising and organic SEO.

PPC advertising is basically the placement of a small advert on the search engine results page for a specific keyword or phrase you typed in. Advertisers set a price they wish to pay for each keyword and as a result will appear on the page depending on how high they bid – once the budget for the day, week or month has ran out the advert will be removed. On each occasion that a respective customer clicks on their pay per click advert, the company has to pay the provider.

Pay per click adverts appear in the section devoted to sponsored links which appears on the top and right hand side of the screen of many search engines for particular keywords. Investing in pay per click advertising from PPC service providers is a frequently effective way of instantly creating visibility and encouraging targeted traffic to your website.

Why choose SEO Local for PPC Management?

Companies can save a great amount of money if the PPC services that they invest in are managed by experts in search engine optimisation (SEO). We can assist you to use your allocated budget for pay per click services so that you can advertise more effectively. We have a pay per click management team that can make the most of the pay per click services that are available. To do this, you have to target the best key phrases at the best price for PPC advertising.

Our PPC management team will manage your pay per click set up so that the correct geographical locations are targeted by your PPC advertising campaign and that it is also run at the correct times to maximise your ROI.


We also want to know which keywords convert, and which don’t work at all. How often people visit your site for the second, third or fourth time – how often they spend on your site and which pages are the most popular – plus a lot more vital information.

Compelling Content

You only have around 95 characters to use, which means you’ll need professional copy that will attract the eye of the searcher. The right advertisement can make a big difference, regardless of how great your services are.

We have an approach to PPC management that aims to provide a considerable return on your investment, as well as to create cost effective PPC advertising accounts. To hear more about our PPC management service call us on: 0800 999 2929.