Mobile App Development


SEO Local offers a range of services in mobile applications with our expertise in developing mobile apps for a wide range of platforms and media. These include for the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Java ME. We also develop mobile apps for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

A specialist mobile application development company, we offer a full-spectrum of services for custom mobile application developments that will provide maximum ROI.

What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps have been around since mobile phones first become available to consumers, at a time when mobile users were able to access online information similar to that which could be found on the internet on a simple two colour screen with the use of early mobile technology such as WAP. Ever since then, mobile apps have never stopped developing, culminating with such revolutionary recent devices as the iPhone which have been responsible for ushering mobile apps firmly into the mainstream software arena. Mobile apps can be brought to market today quicker than ever before and with greater affordability than ever before, both for the client and for the end user.

The SEO Local Approach

We take an approach to the development of mobile apps that is similar regardless of the mobile platform for which we are developing it. We have an experienced and talented team of developers of mobile apps that can overcome the technical challenges that are presented by any particular platform, exploring every possibility so that we can meet the exact requirements of the client.

Marketing Mobile Apps

Our services also include in the marketing of your mobile apps. This area of expertise here at SEO Local covers the successful launch, promotion and marketing of your app so that it can be successfully monetised, helping you to maximise your app building ROI.

As you would expect from an industry leader in Mobile Apps, we also deal with app stores; whatever app requirement you may have we can provide a service to meet your needs.

For more information on mobile apps or to speak to an expert send us an email or call us on: 0800 999 2929.