SEO Copywriting

Search engine optimisation copywriting or SEO copywriting involves writing useable text content on a webpage to help it to achieve a higher search engine ranking.

There is always a balance to be struck with SEO copywriting, as search engines alter their algorithms on a regular basis to ensure that only the websites that are the most relevant and useful to human users rank highly for a particular targeted keyword. This, paradoxically enough, means that your SEO copywriting must be primarily aimed at the potential customers that it will be read by, whilst still having the necessary keyword density to attract the search engines.

Target Phrases

SEO copywriting involves using target key phrases with the optimum frequency, while simultaneously making sure that the copy reads in a flowing and natural way so that a potential customer can easily read it.

It is important to have a balance of SEO copywriting and other SEO methods as part of your website’soverall strategy. You cannot get your site to achieve a high search engine ranking for competitive keywords on the basis of SEO copywriting alone. However, it remains true that well optimised content plays a key role in an effective SEO campaign.

Content is King!

The world of SEO copywriting is dominated by one motto: “content is king”. This means that search engines prize, above all else, relevant and well written SEO copywriting. We have a team of copywriters here at SEO Local, who can edit the existing content on your webpages or write unique, fresh content for your specific targeted keywords.

Our SEO copywriting services will ensure that you have an excellent range of core targeted keywords on your website and that all website content is well written, relevant and optimised. This way, you can rank highly in the search engines and attract more users to your site as a result, in addition to converting more visitors into sales.

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