Mobile Social Media

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Mobile Social Media is similar to regular social media, except it’s specifically targeted towards those users who access the web via their phone. Whether it is an iPhone, a Blackberry, a HTC or another brand of phone, it doesn’t matter.

If you have a mobile website we’re able to include social media links on your site to promote your presence on the major networking sites, thus helping to increase the number of fans/followers you have on those pages.

Growth in Social Media

The growth in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has resulted in businesses sitting up and taking notice of a new potential market. The advancement in mobile technology has resulted in the web becoming easily accessible from some of the most standard phones, meaning social media sites are now used on a daily basis by billions of people worldwide.

Below are 4 unique benefits of mobile:

  • It’s personal – you can really hit your audience using mobile
  • Always in a potential customer’s pocket
  • It’s always turned on – you can send emails, texts etc. at any time and know that they can be received
  • People can send money using their mobile!

There are plenty more benefits to having a presence on social media sites that are accessible through a mobile phone, and we can further explain these when you get in touch with our team of experts by calling 0800 999 2929.