Mobile SEO

Mobile phone search engine optimisation (MSEO), otherwise known as mobile SEO, is a particularly up and coming area of SEO. There are an estimated five billion mobile phone users worldwide, which is rapidly increasing the importance of mobile SEO as more web enabled handsets continue to hit the market. Indeed, Yahoo has forecast that mobile phone internet users will outnumber web users by 2017, which only indicates how important mobile SEO is becoming. This trend is leading to an increase in mobile phone online search queries, so it is becoming as important to have good mobile SEO as it is to optimise for other web users.

The mobile phone search engine scene to which mobile SEO is applicable is undergoing a considerable change as a result of the arrival of devices such as the iPhone, having previous been dominated by such systems as .mobi or WAP. This has made a greater proportion of the web available to mobile users. Mobile SEO is now being used by many websites so that they can win sales from this rapidly expanding and therefore potentially lucrative market of people who only search the internet with their mobile phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Why SEO Local

Effective mobile SEO techniques in which we have expertise here at SEO Local include giving your website a mobile phone sitemap and ensuring that you have the right validation codes and accessible mobile phone content.

Mobile SEO services from SEO Local ensure that mobile phone or PDA users can better access the content of your website so that more traffic can be attracted to your website, and also that your site can appear on the first page of Google. A good mobile SEO campaign ensures that such visitors will also be able to view your site clearly and correctly, regardless of the mobile phone or device that they are using to access it.

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