Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile search marketing is becoming increasingly hard for any business to ignore. A large proportion of mobile phone users use their devices to access the Internet, whether it be for news, games, social networking or to purchase products/services. Given the difficulty of finding mobile-friendly content in a format that is easy to use,  a company in any industry that realises the benefits of marketing itself specifically to mobile users and that therefore takes advantage of services in mobile search marketing will always stand to benefit.

Our Mobile Search Marketing services include:

Mobile search marketing services from SEO Local allow you to reach a wide range of mobile users, even once they have left their home or office. If mobile users are looking for the same products or services as those that your company offers, mobile search marketing can quickly place your business in front of them.

Our services in mobile search marketing include mobile search engine optimisation (mobile SEO), mobile advertising and mobile web design and development. We provide mobile SEO that covers every area from tracking and reporting to site analysis, while we also offer mobile search marketing services such as set-up, keyword research and creative ad copy writing for pay per click/call mobile phone advertising campaigns on Google. Our mobile search marketing services also include mobile landing page development services if you would like to advertise your site to users of lower screen resolutions or WAP browsers.

There are many reasons why you should choose mobile search marketing services from SEO Local. We place a strong emphasis on making your website accessible to all users, regardless of their mobile media and platform. We have plenty of knowhow in online marketing technology, and have strong experience of providing mobile search marketing services to many satisfied clients, with websites that rank strongly in mobile searches for their targeted keywords.

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