Android App Development

The Android mobile operating system only saw its initial release in October 2008, but it has gone on to take a high market share that continues to expand. Android is free and open source software, meaning there is a wide range of possibilities for Android app development.

SEO Local – Android Experts

We are highly proficient in Android app development, being well-versed with the Android Software Development Kit and all of the technologies and tools that are necessary to build top quality Android apps. Our Android app development team keeps up to date with the latest improvements so that we are always working with a version of the software that is as up to date as possible, as well as being well prepared for Android app development for future upgrades.

Android offers benefits over other mobile development options that make Android app development a really wise choice. All it takes to be able to get started with Android app development is to register, upload and publish. Android helps publishers to deliver applications directly to the end user, and it also makes the downloading process easier for users. There is no complexity in the technology – it is instead open and transparent, with a great range of application-enabling features and support. It is a multi-device development platform, meaning that it has a large marketplace to itself.

Our Android App Development Services

Here at SEO Local, we conduct Android app development in a way that is high quality and proactive. Our Android app development explores the unlimited possibilities of the platform through its extensive set of development tools. Our Android app development services are a great way of having innovative and risk-free Android applications created for your company, regardless of your industry. We program our applications to simultaneously support multiple Android powered devices.

For more information on Android apps development or to speak to an expert send us an email or call us on: 0800 999 2929.