Small to Medium sized

Enterprises App Development

We offer a range of app development services for small to medium sized enterprises, otherwise known as SME app development. We offer SME app development services for a range of mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Mobile, as well as for Java ME or the iPhone or iPad. With SME app development from SEO Local, even as an SME, you are able to reach a wide range of mobile users making use of a variety of platforms.

SME App Development is a new service that can be tailored towards smaller firms who are on a lower budget but still demand an effective result and a maximum ROI. Our revolutionary technology and creative thinking results in applications that often exceed the client’s expectations.

However, mobile applications have come a long way since then, making possible the present trend for SME app development. The mobile app industry has actually only recently entered the mainstream software arena, with mobile technology that is more advanced and at a price that is affordable to everyone. The iPhone has been largely responsible for this revolution in SME app development, as it has made it possible for mobile apps to more rapidly reach the hands of consumers. Such a change has allowed for a wider range of SME app development possibilities.

The SEO Local Approach

We take a similar approach to SME app development across a variety of mobile platforms. You may be a travel agent that wants to develop an app that offers the latest deals to compliment your website, or you may run club nights and want an app developed that will keep student party goers updated with upcoming club nights and a gallery of photos from recent nights.

Whatever your needs, SME app development is a great means of marketing your brand and building a loyal customer base.

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