Java ME App Development

Java ME is a platform that is designed for embedded systems such as mobile devices. It has therefore led to a range of Java ME app development services.
Those who take advantage of Java ME app development services benefit from the fact that 80% of the mobile phones on the market are compatible with Java ME apps. These include devices up to 2009 from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and LG, meaning that Java ME app development is a great means of reaching a wide range of mobile users.

One of the few disadvantages of Java ME app development is the distribution method for mobile apps that have been developed for Java devices. It is necessary to download many of the available Java ME apps directly to the phone from a mobile web source (OTA) or via a connection to a computer. Java ME app development therefore tends to focus on such low cost areas that are delivered by most mobile operators offering Java ME apps as interactive information and games.

The audience for Java ME is affected by its lack of centralised control. Instead, apps created as a result of Java ME app development are distributed, as mentioned above, as paid for products via the network of a mobile phone operator or alternatively, directly by software developers.

Customer-oriented applications

Java ME app development services from SEO Local are a great choice if you are looking to develop customer-oriented applications that are compatible with a diverse range of mobile handsets. Our extensive experience in Java ME app development means that we can meet the exact needs of the client whilst making the most of the Java ME platform. We have experience in a range of areas of Java ME app development, so we are confident that we can meet your needs.

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