Windows App Development

Windows app development is a field in which we have established expertise at SEO Local. Windows Mobile is a long established mobile operating system that was intended for use in mobile devices and smartphones. It is now being phased out to specialised markets. Its successor, meanwhile, Windows Phone 7, was launched in October 2010, and is a separate, new mobile OS platform, in keeping with its change of name.

Windows Mobile is a compact environment that it is possible to make the most of with the powerful Windows desktop operating system and software bundle. The Windows Mobile platform remains one of the favoured platforms of both technical and non-technical people, and custom Windows app development offers a scalability and variety of options that have long attracted developers.

The Latest Windows Mobile Technologies

Our Windows app development team keeps itself up to date with the latest Windows mobile technologies so that we can deliver solutions to our clients that incorporate the latest developments and trends. We have extensive experience of Windows app development, and are now proficient in the development of high-level applications for Windows Phone 7.

By following the guidelines of the most recent Windows Mobile SDK and using the latest version of Visual Studio, our highly capable Windows app development team can deliver high performing and attractive Windows Mobile applications.

Highly Versatile Service

We have diverse experience in Windows app development, which allows us to offer a highly versatile service.  We offer you extended support in addition to our in-depth technical knowledge, with a unique delivery process that allows us to meet all of your personal and business requirements for Windows app development.

Choose SEO Local for custom Windows app development that allows you to reach a wider range of mobile users. We offer Windows app development in a range of areas to match your specific industry.

For more information on Windows app development or to speak to an expert send us an email or call us on: 0800 999 2929.