Why you should create mobile-friendly landing pages

Year by year, more statistics arise pointing to the ever-greater prevalence of mobile browsing for work, rest and play. In 2015, it is customary for people from almost all backgrounds and circumstances to use their smartphone or tablet to search for the latest products, services, offers and information.

That rise of the mobile web has brought with it an appreciation of the importance of mobile-friendly web design, but there’s one aspect of that latter discipline where you may still be slacking – your landing pages.

They may actually be the element of mobile web design that you can least neglect, given the key role that they play in the generation of leads. Failure to optimise your landing pages for mobile users can so easily result in those visitors looking elsewhere.

Don’t frustrate and confuse your visitors

The last thing that you want your site visitors to have to do, on reaching your landing page, is waste time and energy pinching the screen to resize the page so that they can actually read it.

If you’ve ever had that experience yourself, you’ll know how confusing and frustrating it is, and it simply gives more opportunity for your target customer to give up and look to another site.

If you do optimise your landing page for mobile, you can better focus your target customer’s mind on the conversion action that you desire from them.

Give them a quick and easy experience

A mobile user is also likely to be one ‘on the go’, so it makes no sense to needlessly extend the amount of time that it takes for a conversion to occur.

Crimes here include having awkwardly long contact forms or incorporating elements – like Flash – that don’t work as well on a mobile device as on a desktop one.

Slowing down your visitors en route to that all-important conversion event is a no-no, giving how much it heightens your risk of a lost enquiry or sale.

First impressions count a lot, too

With studies having shown that negative experiences are generally better remembered by people than positive ones, you’re risking serious damage to your brand if you fail to optimise your landing pages for the ever-growing mobile audience.

After all, your landing pages are so often the first experience that a visitor has not only with your site, but with your company in general. You don’t want to miss your only chance to make a great first impression.

Mobile isn’t going anywhere – so why act as if the opposite applies? Enquire to SEO Local now about our web design services that can perfectly gear your landing pages to the mobile audiences of 2015.