New app allows for ‘on the go’ management of AdWords campaigns

It may only be usable for those in Canada at the moment, but Google has nonetheless released a free app for advertisers enabling them to manage their AdWords campaign ‘on the go’ – along with a promise that support will soon be extended to more countries.

The Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, and is useful for everything from the adjustment of bids to getting support and receiving notifications of changes. The app is a comprehensive mobile solution for keep tracking of how your campaigns are going, with campaign statistics able to be viewed and bids and budgets updated.

Real-time alerts and notifications make it easier for the app’s Canadian users to respond quickly to the latest developments, perhaps after contacting a Google professional directly through the app. It isn’t the first time Google has released an AdWords-related app, this having occurred in July 2014, but that was for the simplified Express version of the advertising platform, aimed at small businesses.

The new app for Canadian users isn’t the only move that Google has made as of late to make the lives of AdWords users easier. That’s because the search giant has also just introduced a single page showing all of the most recent updates. The new page, which you can view here, gives users a convenient overview of the newest updates, on a month-by-month basis, chronologically ordered.

The page constitutes a list of release notes, with the updates announced in February 2015, for instance, including performance-related fixes for the AdWords Editor and the automatic conversion of eligible Flash ads on the Google Display Network to HTML5 ads. Upgraded URLs have also been introduced, meaning that landing page and tracking URLs can now be managed separately.

Recent months have also seen enhancements to Google Trusted Stores that enable more confident online purchases, Google Partners certification being made available for Google Shopping and the introduction of a new Diagnostics tab for easier troubleshooting in Merchant Center.

The one-line updates displayed on this release notes page is also linked to either a help document or a blog post providing further details for the user.

In a blog post announcing the change, Google’s Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing, expressed hope that the new page would help users to “stay up to date with AdWords as a ‘one-stop shop’ for discovering new innovations and helpful best practices.”