Web Presenters

Have you ever heard of Web Presenters? Recently referred to as the Future of the Internet, a Web Presenter can transform your website, with an interactive talking person appearing on the screen!

Why Web Presenters?

The advantages of Web Presenters are plentiful, with a real person engaging with your customers being the ultimate reason why so many successful businesses contact us about having one on their website. Our own research suggests that visitors to a website spend longer on the site when they are greeted by a real person who appears on the page – and what does this mean? It can mean a positive experience for the user which ultimately, converts to real sales.

Below you’ll find a list of a few benefits having a Web Presenter on your website can bring:

  • Attracts the attention of your visitor
  • Increases web traffic as the word spreads
  • In turn, this can increase your search engine ranking
  • Depending on what the Web Presenter says, it can aid navigation
  • It can be positioned anywhere to fit in with your design, providing a clean & professional look
  • Entice a user to stay on your site with special offers that have a much more profound impact when spoken by a human rather than a banner advertisement

Whether you want to have a sales-orientated pitch or a helpful little mascot for your site, speak to our team of experts about having a Web Presenter incorporated into your existing or new site.