Designing a truly effective landing page

What should you do to design a genuinely effective landing page? It’s certainly a question that you could benefit from knowing the answer to, as landing pages are crucial for marketing content and generating leads. SEO Local can provide much valuable assistance for your creation of landing pages that can help to convert visitors into paying customers for your company. Below are tips that we would and, indeed, you could take heed of in order to design a truly effective landing page.

Go for consistent branding

You should make sure that the landing pages actually look like they are part of your website, rather than external pages in any sense. They should, for example, have consistent branding; make sure that your company’s logo appears at the top of each page. This arrangement means that visitors to each landing page will know what company’s website they are on and could look at more of!

Include a clear-to-see call-to-action

Naturally, once a visitor has landed on the page, you want them to become a paying customer. You can encourage them to become one by including a clear call-to-action – or, as we could otherwise call it, CTA – that stands out on the page. You should be careful with colour, size and text on the page to boost the effectiveness of the CTA.

Enable easy sharing on social networking websites

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have more influence on SEO than they have probably ever had. You should therefore make it as easy as possible for visitors to the landing page to share information on that page to their friends on such websites. You could do this by having highly visible social media sharing buttons or links on each landing page.

Have something genuinely special on offer

Once you think you have the final design for the landing page, you should continuously test different aspects of that page before making changes, slight though they are likely to be at that stage, for better results. You must remember, though, that a landing page must offer something genuinely special in order to effectively convert visitors into leads. And, if it does, this could also help the good word about your company to spread, which could also help your company to attract more customers.