5 SEO predictions for 2015

SEO has continued its rapid transition from childhood into adulthood over the last few years, with Google updates like Panda/Farmer and then Penguin helping to flush poor results out of the SERPs.

It all means that weaker content is harder and harder to find via search engines these days, so what could 2015 possibly bring to the world of SEO that could remotely surprise us?

1. User metrics will increase in importance

As vital as it is to optimise for your visitors first and foremost, there are still certain other user metrics – such as bounce rate and click through rate – that are likely to become integrated into the search engine algorithms as search technology continues to progress.

2. Mobile will rule even more of the roost

Mobile search is becoming more and more a part of the furniture at the major search engines, and with its popularity unlikely to stop rising for some time to come, mobile usability will surely become a more important ranking factor.

No longer is it enough just to have a mobile site – if that mobile site doesn’t also provide a great user experience and swift loading times, 2015 might be the year when it starts really hurting your rankings.

3. Video could come more into play

The leading SEO agencies already advise their clients to make the most of video, such is the engagement that it brings for the average user who is so accustomed to text and still images, but this coming year could be when it gains a much more fundamental role in determining rankings.

That means that you could see videos appear more often in the SERPs, as the result tracking of video and social shares gains in prominence.

4. You’ll need to pay more attention to conversion rate optimisation

CRO hardly lacks importance in the world of SEO already, but with the competition for search traffic becoming hotter than ever, it looks like those businesses that can actually convert their traffic will have more and more of an advantage.

5. Google will retain its search crown

Firefox’s switch to Yahoo may have sliced about 20 per cent off Google’s market share, showing how unpredictable the world of search can be, but there’s still no larger search engine company in the world than the big ‘G’. Nonetheless, the Firefox move does serve as a good reminder to diversify a little in the SEO channels that you target.

There’s never a time when SEO stands still, and 2015 will be no exception. Keep reading our blog over the course of the year to keep up to date with the latest developments.