When you should hire an SEO professional

You might be tempted to think that you don’t need a professional by your side to ‘do’ search engine optimisation. After all, how difficult could it possibly be to write a few articles that make sense, using your existing industry knowledge, while shunting in a few keywords – and viola, you have an SEO campaign underway in-house?

Alas, SEO isn’t something that can be done well under your own roof unless you have the right experience and knowhow on your team, or if you have the time to gain that experience and expertise. For so many ambitious companies aspiring to do more online, both of those options are out of the question.

That’s when you’ll know it’s time to hire an SEO professional.

SEO isn’t something to be done ‘on the hoof’

So many people mistakenly think that SEO and digital marketing are things that anyone can do well. However, not only is there so much more to the field of SEO than writing a few blogs and making a few social media posts, even the seemingly ‘basic’ areas are affected by the constant changes in the search engine algorithms and other assorted factors.

You can’t approach SEO as if it was still 1995. The Internet has changed drastically since those early days, with many of the techniques that would have given you healthy rankings back then likely to land you with a damaging penalty or seven now.

Recovering from any mistakes with your SEO is so much tougher now, too – another reason to leave the job to an actual professional in the field.

Hiring a professional is the efficient route to good SEO

We’d be lying if we suggested that it is completely impossible to learn a lot about SEO on your own – of course we would be. There are many books and training courses about SEO on the market.

However, your company and/or individual staff members actually having the time, money and enthusiasm to undergo that necessary learning process and gain the required experience is infinitely less likely, certainly given the everyday pressures that your business is probably under.

There’s a reason why even the biggest corporations use outside SEO professionals – it’s just the most efficient and effective way of doing SEO. A good SEO professional will know everything that they need to know about anticipating changes in the search engine algorithms and implementing the latest proven methods in order to give your business the strongest possible search engine presence.

What is more, a reputable SEO professional – like those of SEO Local – will know how to do this ethically and in a way that delivers truly sustained results. It all helps to make the hiring of an SEO professional easily the most impactful and best value option for the vast majority of businesses.